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URLs are meaningful in the worlds of blogging and online shopping. Whether you're a blogger, affiliate marketer, website owner, or online service provider, you'll need a URL shortener to shorten your long URLs.

Most blog post URLs or item links are lengthy, with UTM sources and tags. Sharing such long URLs not only seems unprofessional but it also inhibits users from clicking on the URL.

When people come upon it on social media, the URL shortener tool becomes arguably the most crucial aspect at this point.

Bitly and Google URL Shortener are now the most well-known URL shortener solutions. Consider the potential. I wish to inform you that there are various more sites that may assist you in making money online while sharing your own shortened URLs.

Yes, you read that correctly! There is one of the best high-paying URL shorteners that may help you make money online by sharing the abbreviated URLs on various social media platforms.

Why use a link shortener?

Save space by "beautifying" links. Shorter connections are more visually appealing and easier to grasp. Certain types of communications, such as instant chats or Twitter posting,

it is critical to keep links brief in order to provide room for a message (as you presumably realise a tweet is 140 characters in length).

Tracking and statistics Some shorteners include statistics on clicks, impressions, and a variety of other trackable data.

Hide a target URL. When you see a shortened URL, you have no idea where you will arrive after clicking it. A few individuals use this to conceal the destination URL in this way.

What are URL shortener websites? 

I believe the word URL shortener encapsulates its idea, which is to shorten long URLs into small ones. You will be compensated if people click on that shortened URL.

To make money from the URL shortener website, you must first establish an account, then shorten the URL and then share it to collect clicks.

You will make more money if your visitors are from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada. If your user is from India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan, you will earn less than if they were from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada.

The main advantage of these URL shortener services is that you don't need to create a YouTube channel or website to market your shortened URLs.

These links may be shared in numerous WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, and other web-based social platforms.


Without a doubt, the Highest paying URL shortener is Clicksfly.com. You may earn up to $150 from Clicksfly for 10,000 views (impressions) on the shortened URL.

Clicksfly offers a CPM of $15 for US traffic, $12 for UK traffic, and $10 for traffic from Australia, in that order.

For all payment options, the minimum payment level is $3. Daily payments are available. PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer, Bitcoins, Paytm, and UPI withdrawals are supported by Clicksfly. 

You may also earn money through recommendations. Clicksfly pays a 20% referral commission on all revenue generated by your referrals on the Clicksfly.com platform.

Interesting Clicksfly stats:

  1. No. of registered clients: 450,000+.
  2. Total URLs abbreviated: 180,000,000+.
  3. Highest CPM: $15 for US. Traffic.
  4. Worldwide CPM: $4.
  5. Working since 2017.


  • It allows multiple views from similar ips.
  • Daily Payments with multiple withdrawal methods.
  • Features to set ad settings on the link for visitors.
  • A fantastic and easy-to-use user interface for tracking data, profits, and shortened URLs.
  • Simple registration and URL shortening process that requires no technological knowledge.
  • Advanced features like Mass Shrinker, Quick Link, and Full-page Script are quite beneficial.


  • Captcha may often be annoying after a delayed timer.

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